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ScrubGlow™ - Exfoliating Glove

ScrubGlow™ - Exfoliating Glove

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✅ Exfoliates skin naturally.

✅ Targets congested skin & acne.

✅ Reduces appearance of stretch marks.

✅ Stimulates collagen production.

✅ Promotes healthy blood flow.

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ScrubGlow™ - Exfoliating Glove

Regular price $19.95
Regular price $19.95 Sale price
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Revitalize your skin with ScrubGlow™

Crafted from a special fabric, this ScrubGlow effortlessly sloughs away dead skin cells and debris for a smoother, more radiant complexion.

Simply wet the glove and gently scrub your skin to clear impurities and achieve softer skin. Ideal for pre-tanning preparation or removing unwanted fake tan, this easy-to-use glove enhances skin clarity without the need for additional products.

Perfect for achieving a flawless, even tan and promoting healthier, glowing skin.

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